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The Founder’s Philosophy—

The better the leadership, the better the staff, the better the organisation: all will then protect and, more importantly, enhance the bottom line whether the seas are calm or stormy. Regrettably, too much leadership development (some say up to 85%) is simply ineffective; and there is currently much derision about leadership across all sectors. I set up The Exeter Group because I want to develop better and more resilient leadership at all levels and build authentic leadership development grounded in research and validated by applied use (i.e. to be in the 15% with a significant ROI).

I found a little bit of leadership gold and wish to share it.

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Leadership has been around for thousands of years and yet we are still stumbling over it as both a subject and more importantly as a practice. How do you meaningfully add to 100+ years of competing leadership theory? Find out by discovering our progressive leadership in action.

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